I thought that you could use mobiles in hospitals now???

    Raptor, check the mobile thing. Whilst that used to be true, some (all?) hospitals now allow you to use mobiles. My Mum took one with her when she went in a few months back.

    They take time telling you stuff and transferring you as well.

    Total rip off. TV costs you for 24 hours - your asleep 12 of those!

    I have always used my mobile, nurses have seen me and arent bothered. I have it charging on my bedside table and they just dont care. The nurses/doctors agree about the patientline things being a rip off.

    The only place you cant use mobile phones is near intensive care as it can interfere with machines there

    My husband was told off by the sister because he was telling other patients not to use their mobiles, she ran and says " you can use them all you like, just put it on silent for incoming". Quite aggressive she was too.! I wished they were barred as he rang me about 20 times a day with food orders, chats coz he was bored etc.


    according to the lancet it cannot interfear with anything as the … according to the lancet it cannot interfear with anything as the manufacturers would not be so stupid to create machines that save lives that can be susseptable to radio waves/micro waves

    Check the website for the hospital, it should say on there what their policy is.

    On my local hospital's site, it bascially says that although modern mobiles don't interfere, they can be intrusive when people use them and camera phones are a risk to privacy. So, they can be used, but not in areas where treatment is taking place.

    i saw this the other day, now it does seem misleading!

    It will tell you on the machine where you bought the £5 card...

    This really gets my goat. I don't have time this morning to discuss, but lets just say I think Patientline is the best of a bad situation....

    It's a rip off,I've seen them.

    I'm not saying it's not a rip off, but for a company to put a phone at every bedside in a hospital costs a lot of money. If you read the thread I linked to above, you will see that we make a tiny amount of money (the hospital) out of this. Nobody is asking you to use it. You are there to be cared for. What do you think happened before these phones were in place? Did everyone have a TV/Telephone/Internet beside their bed? I think not. Go to hospital, get cared for, get out.

    no need to 'shout'...if you spoke to the medical staff in the same way, i'm guessing they didn't tell you where the nearest payphone was or allow your partner to use the nurses station phone.

    Are you trying to say there is no longer a 'common room'?

    Mobiles are banned for different reasons. Your in a bloody hospital, not a hotel....think of the staff and patients around you.

    There's no two ways about it ... They are completely taking the p*** out of the public…stm


    There's no two ways about it ... They are completely taking the p*** out … There's no two ways about it ... They are completely taking the p*** out of the public

    That article is over a year old...and the cost is still 10p....:thinking:

    When I've been in hospital there been public phones in the corridors,but its no good for people who can't leave bed,like on bed rest.
    Sometimes you have to walk all way out of ward and right down to main reception,so could easily take 10mins or so depending on size of hospital and if you on others floors and what not.

    I remember when I had my 1st,I was so damn hot,it was mid July,and I'd already been sick in toilet cos I was hot and I requested a fan by my bed,some hf hr later still not been requested,so I made my way outside with the baby in the fish bowl thing on a trolley. I remember just getting to the main reception and feeling the cooler air and wanting to go outside but I was exhausted and had to sit down. I then had to get reception to get a porter and wheelchair and someoen else pushed baby bk upto maternity!


    That article is over a year old...and the cost is still 10p....:thinking:

    It doesn't really matter how long ago the article was written just shows how long this has been going on .. not much has changed .. I'm pointing out that the public are still being ripped off .. I'm talking about the cost of incoming calls which are nearly 50p !! which is IMO is outrageous !

    Like pickle goes with cheese... Ripoff goes with Patientline.

    when i had my heart op a lady in my ward used her mobile phone while in the ward! i wasn't impressed with that... so i took mine outside and ironically stood next to a pay phone!

    Im an ex Patientline employee and daily I got death threats, people wanting to sue me etc as things went wrong.

    The staff there got minimum wage, and the bosses said how nice they were for giving staff a 15 minute break who worked 4 hours a day when they had to by law and even then would time the break around the quiet times so it may be 3 hours before you got your break then 45 minutes before you go back home you go back on.

    The amount of staff they had that left was huge, and the amount of 16-18 year olds.

    If there ever was a staff competition or raffle the same circle of friends of the supervisors won, I was supposed to make like £1000 a month target but most months mae 3-4 times that yet got like £1.01 commission for 4 grand of sales, wheras my supervisor got like £200 for me selling so much.

    I could go on for ages about the bad policys there.

    Was in hospital last year and used my mobile. Am going in again tomorrow and will do the same - I will not be ripped off!

    Im naughty. I frequently leave mine on while im at work..i shouldn't think i am the only one either.

    I used my mobile whilst in don't care now.


    I used my mobile whilst in don't care now.

    lol,they only cared about the swearing you did down the phone.
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