Pleurisy is an inflammation of the linings around the lungs There are two layers of pleura, one covering the lung and the other covering the inner wall of the chest These two layers are lubricated by fluid. Pleurisy is extra fluid in the space between the two layers of pleura. Can be really painful ..... I don't think it is fatal ?
    My mother-in-law has it, but then she has everything there is to have wrong with you!

    I had this when I was about 13 - it hurts like hell to breathe, & coughing is a killer.
    I suffered for a couple of weeks but made a full recovery.
    Tell your friend to take it easy & things will be OK in the end.

    Tell your friend to wear his/her wellies next time.....

    If it wasn't for your wellies where would you be
    You'd be in the hospital or infirmary
    'Cause you would have a dose of the flu or even pleurisy
    If you didn't have you're feet in your wellies

    (English language version)

    On a less flippant note try here for more info…d=1

    A friend of mine has just been told he has pleurisy too... - Can't be too serious though, he's still meeting me for a pint later!

    I've had it once, my brother has had it twice. You can get different degrees of seriousness (like a chest infection) - my brother sat in A+E reading a book, whereas I couldnt breathe and was in a lot of pain because I have bad asthma so it was more serious for me. I needed to stay in hospital, but brother came home with antibiotics.

    Also depends on how long he has left it before getting treatment, the earlier its caught the better you feel and it takes less time to treat

    Just make sure he doesnt over do it as he will get out of breath easily

    A relative of mine had this, as Kelly had just said it does vary from patient to patient like most illness. Hope it's not too bad a case.

    My wife was treated for pleurisy way back in '96. It's not pleasant, usually anti-biotics are used to treat the infection, in bad cases a chest drain is required to drain the excess fluid away. In really bad cases surgery is required to remove the infected fluid! So you can guess what happened!
    The original diagnosis was pneumonia and she was treated briefly in hospital before being discharged. She continued to have real trouble breathing and was continnualy coughing until the coughing was so severe she broke 2 ribs. The pain was unbearable, broken ribs are bad enough without the continual coughing. Another spell in hospital on pain-killers and anti-biotics seemed to clear the problem. After another few weeks the coughing returned and this time we went straight to casualty where she was admitted to hospital again. After a weeks stay in hospital she was transferred to the cardio-thoracic unit where it was now decided that she had pleurisy and due to previous "negligence" the inflamation in the chest wall had produced fluid which had now become infected. A chest drain failed to clear the infection so she had surgery, a procedure that lasted over six hours. She now has a lovely scar running from her shoulder down her back to the bottom of her rib cage.
    I hope that your friend gets the proper care and treatment and the recovery is swift and complete. I wouldn't want anybody to suffer as my wife did.
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