Found 13th Jun 2008

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Oh go on then!


Yes, please.

I can't say just yes, it is too short.

Come on raptor...lets all have a look at ya .................!!



too late you made the offer, we are all sitting here expectantly now :P

awwwwwww cccccccuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttteeeeeeee

baby I mean

let's see the little cutie then...........and your daughter lol


Aw, she is beautiful, you look very proud of her.

Hope you are all well in sunny Golbourne.

awwww cute - shes beautiful too
for Purdy:)
for mum:)

You remind me of Hacksaw Jim Duggan! he was my hero when I was a nipper.

Raptor, you're offically my new bestest friend! :lol:

She's just gorgeous, you'll have hours of fun wrapping her up to look like yoda

you look sooooooooooo happy!


:lol: thats him, and his 2 x 4

Hoooooooooooooooooe! not to be confused with my impression of thundercats which goes Hoooooooooooooooooee! - theres a difference :thumbsup:


She's gorgeous raptor & your boy's a cutie too!!

Awww that pictures gorgeous....... however you're caption is disturbing :lol:

cute bebbe raptor :thumbsup:

She is so gorgeous! Well done x

Very nice children,hope she treating you well and letting you have plenty sleep once in a while!

Your little daughter is beautiful, well done ! ............... your little lad will break lots of hearts I'm sure & will no doubt keep an eye no one ''messes wiv his lil' sis ''

awww shes sooo cute!!! ur boy is cute as his t-shirt...sportacus!!

and daddy looks good as well!! thought u said u were 23stones!! haha!

where's your ciga?

Hmmm ! Looks like you got yourself the perfect family there Raptor !

Lots to be proud of and lots more proud moments to come with those two beautiful kids.

Peace, health and happiness to you all.


awww, raptor, what a lovely pic
glad all is going well

Thank you for being persuaded!!
Your pictures certainly speak loudly of the love you have for your sweet little ones and the joy you feel. Lovely. Tears are actually in my eyes.

Your little girl is beautiful and your little boy is sooooooo cute.
You look like the cat that ate all the cream.:-D:-D:-D


where's your ciga?

here we go

They are gorgeous pictures :). Congratulations to you all

Beautiful pics, it makes me want to show the pics of my LO but i dont want anyone to recognise her and know it is me!


Raptor, you could have sorted yourself out a bit, you look as rough as a badgers ass, but absolute lush baby:p

Gets her looks from mum then


Raptor, you could have sorted yourself out a bit, you look as rough as a … Raptor, you could have sorted yourself out a bit, you look as rough as a badgers ass, but absolute lush baby:p

Now i know what your job're a vet ! :p:)

Awww..............raptor, she is so gorgeous, you are a lucky man to have such beautiful children. :-D

Thanks for sharing your photos with us :thumbsup:

[SIZE="4"]These are for you wife[/SIZE]

aww she is so gorgous!!!!!xxx

All the best rappy if you are serious about leaving. And look after that beautiful daughter of yours :thumbsup:

Oh no, y is he leaving ??



how did we miss that your leaving, and why?????


Oh no, y is he leaving ??

Not sure. But look at his profile:

Join Date: Apr 2007
Posts: 5,376

Hopefully because he has more important things to do. :thumbsup:
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