Scam somewhere along the line.

    you've replaced the start of the mystery address with 'xxxx' however the link still shows the email addess when you hover over it! might want to fix that

    as for the email itself, I've been using gmail for aaaages and the only time I've seen that is when I've merged two gmail accounts, have you any idea who the other email address is?

    raptorcigs;2545143 learn more about why you might have … learn more about why you might have received this message, pleasevisit: do not respond to this message. If you'd like to contact theGoogle Mail Team, please log in to your account and click 'Help' atthe top of any page. Then, click 'Contact Us' along the bottom of theHelp Center.

    The links above don't exist on official gmail stuff and unless you have your account set up as the American version it's Help "Centre" not "Center" on my gmail

    Found this from the help centre....

    [COLOR="Blue"]I did not request to add an email address to Google Mail. Why did I receive a verification message?
    Google Mail users can customise the 'From:' field of messages they send by adding all of their email addresses to their Google Mail accounts. When a user requests to add another email address to send mail from, we send a verification message to the account the user wants to add. If you've received a verification message but didn't make the request, don't worry. No one can send mail using your email address unless you click the link in the message to verify that you would like to add your address to the listed Google Mail account.

    Users often misspell their email addresses when entering multiple addresses to send mail from, so the confirmation message is delivered to the misspelled address instead of the user's address. You can simply delete the misaddressed mail to ensure that no one sends mail using your email address. [/COLOR]

    Hope you get it sorted mate :thumbsup:
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