only 4 :oops:

    9 for me.

    mines 9 but seems to hiccup sometimes and not go up at all?


    Mine seems to vary, 3 but sometimes 2. :?

    weird we all have different??

    its your heat from deals in combination with reputation mines 9

    lol i just tried it on 3 deals and i didnt change the heat at all on im zero

    I change it by nine degrees.

    also here...]http//ww…als




    Im pretty sure that 9 degrees is now the max:thumbsup::whistling:


    Yeah, it only goes up by 2 for me :whistling::oops:

    mine's 21 :lol::p

    Goes up by nine.

    4 for me

    max is 9 i think

    if its more when you vote, its possible someone else is doing so at the same time

    Mine depends on if someone else is heating at same time


    Would A Mod Like To Tell Us What The Max Is?

    i'm not a mod raptorcigs but i can tell u the max is 9

    Mine's 9 too.


    Yep, 9:-D


    only 4 :oops:

    what?!?!?! i only get 3

    mine is actually 6...


    mine is 6.0987.0544 can i have a chomp too, they are my fave choc/toffee bar

    Mine seems to vary between 7 and 9. Mmmmmmmmmm, Chomp bars, and Curly Wurlies!

    Mine's 9. 9 is the max.

    There are several factors which dictate the impact your vote will have, as explained by Admin below:

    The voting rep is based on the temperature of deals you have submitted, the time registered, number of posts, and forum rep. The first is by far the largest and the other factors are there to balance it out and give some voting rep to people who spend their time helping others etc in the forum.

    So if you want to have a larger impact voting for deals, your best bet is to start posting your own hot deals, and the hotter they are voted, the more impact you will have when voting.

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