yeah ask google/contact us.
Could it just be clever spam? are you forwarding the emails to the intended recipient?
I have contacted them twice before with gmail-support@google.com and received replies both times, although this was a while ago.

Could this possibly just be a spam technique to get you to open the e-mail?
Raptor, are you O.K. ? you seem to have fallen over.
Do you need any help?
I could send a boy scout round if you like.
I thought gmail was a pretty good mail server to be with. Thought they had good filters etc.

Have you tried sending an e-mail to that other address? See if it comes back to you.
sounds like clever spam to me, E-mail is so easy to do things like that
Check this out, its mail intended for you, and google add the message (yes this is you) to the title

try the REPORT SPAM button
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