wow stories like this make you sit up and thing about all you got in life...

    My Daughter told me about this. Really sad and it makes you appreciate the health of our own kids.

    Top lad.


    awww bless, RIP Reece xxx

    God Bless his family.


    aye sad story



    God Bless his family.

    I think he probably did x

    Ive still got a tear in my eye, bless him and RIP xx

    That's sweet. I don't look at the sad side. I look at the fact that the little fella got to do what he wanted and i'm sure really enjoyed the day.

    That is a truly heart-rending, incredible story. It shows courage and strength beyond belief. God love and bless Reece and his family. x



    That is so sad, life is so so precious.My cousin lost her little boy last … That is so sad, life is so so precious.My cousin lost her little boy last year in January to leukemia and something very similar happened, he had a wish to be Chelsea mascot, he was finally able to do it on the Saturday, he very sadly passed away 10 days later after fighting for almost a year. At his funeral the Team sent him flowers and amazingly but so movingly, John Terry attended.

    o that was good of him!

    R.I.P Reace!

    Read that in the paper, sad.

    seen this in the mirror the other day rip. btw raptorcigs, either im drunk or your avatar is changin directions everyday

    nice picture, makes it more sad for me, smiling away but known he was going to be gone shortly thats courage.

    that is really bitter sweet. Poor soul he fought it for so long but at least when he went he felt compleat and happy

    R.I.P little one

    What a sad story, but what a fantastic family he had around him. RIP.
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