Well because its dull, on here and not outside where I should be :-D

    Your toenails need cutting

    Just a weee bit :-D

    Don't like the shirt though! It's a bit girlie.

    Who's your friend behing the bar?

    Ah, I see :-D

    Thought it was gonna rain today so didnt set up the pool for the kids, making them tidy their playroom! Feeling guilty now though so gonna chuck them out into the garden and fill up the pool again! Liking the look of your pink drink though!


    Hey Raptorcigs you good matey what happend to your avatar could not recognize you ?

    and ref below


    My Favorite Colour Is Pink

    arrrggghhhhh help some female alien being has taken over Raptorcigs

    Got distracted by your new look and then saw the beach - made me laugh!!

    It's lovely and sunny in between the torrential downpours here. Still rumbles of thunder as well.

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