awwww bless her!! what a cutie

    aghh she is so cute

    i would love another girl

    aww she is beautiful just like her daddy

    Aww she's soo cute - I particularly like the one with ur little boy :thumbsup:


    Thank's for them raptor, she is growing into a real princess.

    Hope you are well x x

    Awww raptor, she is just adorable - i want one!
    I bet you feel so lucky and proud

    She is a cutie, raptor - you sure she's yours? I thought raptors were supposed to vicious little so-&-so's

    i wanted to babysit. i coul dget cuddles then

    aw that is lovely

    She looks like a very content little girl. Happy days. Thanks for the pics. :thumbsup:

    Awwwwwwwwwww she's sooooo cute!!

    Raptor, she is gorgeous, thanks for sharing the lovely piccies with us.

    You are a lucky man, she's a really cutie pie :-D

    She's a gorgeous little girl :thumbsup:

    I really love the 2nd pic you've put up - there seems to be a lot of love between them already. Although if they're anything like mine, watch them beat it out of each other in a few years time :-D
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