yes had to get a charge back through my credit card as they didnt refund a return, ignored my emails and calls etc.
    a few people have had bad dealings with them however some have had good, its when they go bad you will find problems

    Once or twice, how come?

    Sounds like a good idea :giggle:

    They aren't very cheap for delivery on small items mind (unless thats changed) - its worth comparing their prices with ebuyer, scan, microdirect and amazon etc to see what the cheapest overall is. As said above, their return procedures are perhaps not as good as some other places...

    I bought a cheapo divx player from them when they had free delivery. Didn't have any bother.
    I don't usually consider them as their P&P usually makes them expensive

    Decent company but as poster above their P&P charges are high.

    I usually go in person when i buy from Aria but the special deals are only for delivery.


    not delt with them but used to now a lotof dodgy thing that whent on there lol
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