Nothing happened.

    terrible acting, even from Mark Walburg whos usually not 'that' bad. Obvious from the first 5mins what 'happening'. No where near as good as M Night Shamalamadingdong's other films.

    ..cant remember which one this was. if its the one i think, i wasnt overly impressed.. think i went to bed before it ended, and heard the bf laugh at the ending

    I thought it was watchable.

    However, the OH thought it was terrible. Acting, as mentioned above was poor. Story line a bit...:whistling:

    There are better films about...:oops:

    One for when you phone in sick...

    The Nothing from The Never Ending Story got to this film.

    Good if you like to watch people commit sucide in weird ways!
    I didn't mind it to be honest, my OH liked it more than me an I didn't think it was his kind of film!

    Very poor, must have been cheap 'cus there's no special effects just wind blowing, lol

    terrible acting, terrible storyline terrible film!!!

    I think its not thatbad of a movie, a bit far fetched

    Just a shame he could think of a proper ending !


    I gave up when it started raining people!!!!!

    Hated it. A total waste of time.
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