What id like to see is walk this way - the run dmc one - with rappy the rapping raptor…uJA

    looooooool my fave song ever and it's funny. my 4 yr old loved it :lol:

    Awww. Hello rappy.. lotsa lubxx:-D

    You shouldn't even have gone.

    Hey where you been big fella? The place isnt the same without you!

    No you cant/

    Hi raptorcigs, good to see you back on here. I decorated your lair just in case you did.


    welcome back!


    Welcome back Rappy! :thumbsup:


    awwwwwwwwwwwww welcome back x x x x x

    welcome back - missed the caps lock big fella :w00t:

    Glad ur back hun x x

    missed you XX

    i have ]no doubt that everyone is glad ur back rappy

    Yeah !!!! Rappy's back !!! :thumbsup: :-D

    Aww Rappy I didn't even know you'd gone :? but if you're sensible just come back now and again, that way you can split family life and reality quite equally with 'hukd'

    I say hello now and again but unfortunatley because I'm not in the clique anymore :roll: lol i just get 'serious' stuff thrown at me and just feel there's only a few genuine people who know whats what.

    Hope you're well anyway Rappy, I haven't spoken to you in ages xxxxx

    ^^^welcome bk^^^

    please behave now
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