have a shave in the bath, use the flower as a seat and take pictures for us with the camera
hmm... its not the best is it.

I think most shavers have the american style plug, my braun does.
What did you expect????? lol
you bought a bag of crap and you got a bag of crap. what do you expect.

half of the fun with a bag of crap is finding something to do with it all, leave it in your front garden and see how long it is until some scally 'robs' it

I told you all they weren't worth it anymore!

:P saved myself some money :thumbsup:
I got the razer thing and two inflatable toy things as well... guff lol
nice win! those inflatable daisys are cool for the pool! used to have one until it broke
mine still aint turned up

i want a skim board or power kites, but it looks like all the skim boards are gone and kites were never included
i missed out on ordering one
you dont seem to have missed much
mostly shavers, although someone just posted on the boffer forum saying they got a wifi card of some type
id have been happy with a daisy! lol

if anyones got one that they dont want let me know and we can come to some agreement
inflatable chair, magnetic balls and a waterproof shaver for me
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