did you pay with paypal

    i only ask because surley ebay can check thro them u paid ?

    theres a girl comes on here think her name is tinks or somthing shes normally good with ebay questions i see her name pop up often

    I'm sure you just refer ebay back to the claim you made.

    tell ebay that the seller is refusing to communicate with you, there must be a section to respond to the dispute. Tell them everything that has happened, they have to respond to you and i'm sure ebay will tell them that too.

    did you get your money back through paypal resolution? if so then you can respond to the dispute saying paypal favoured your dispute and refunded you and you have proof of this. Ebay should then close the dispute and cancel the unpaid strike. Well i think so anyway :thinking:

    I had similar thing and they cancelled it for me.

    I had a problem like that. I sold a handbag but the person didn't pay or communicate with me to tell me when they were going to so I relisted, sold and paid for. Then original buyer decided to pay out of the blue so I refunded but now stuck with selling fees for 2 items but only sold 1.

    thats the one tinkerbell28 , you always come up trumps with ebay stuff

    Post their ebay id and we can chomp all their future auctions :lol:

    Thanx for the replies, (I wasn't after any, just saying I had a similar problem)I knew it was my fault as I ask personally for payment in 48hrs because I wont get messed about waiting a week then for someone to not pay. My fault but using this method I have (well not checked recently) 100 percent fb.

    Rap - Don't want to be critical, but it may help you dealing with EBay if you could make your stuff easier to read.

    If you break the text up into sentences with full stops and capitals, etc., it'll easier to follow and help keep them on your side.
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