several of them, wouldnt go back to them though after the way they treated customers before by telling us we had to use a more expensive equivalent, I now use Astrawebs $11 special, unlimited with free SSL and 20 connections.

    yeah I got the email too - I just sign up once every month or 2 for the 48 hours account so didn't really bother reading it. something about if I win when I sign up they might double my time for free I think.

    Got an email saying every 25th payment you make they will double it, so if your 25th payment was for a year, thye would give you a year free.

    Easy to check your history and work it out, just log in.

    Just use a dutch proxy to get around the xennews rubbish, they also seem to allow new accounts to use hitnews for a while before redirecting them regardless of IP origin.

    I agree it was crummy the way they did it but I buy a nighttime account from hitnews for 4.50 euro, Astra web is $11 so almost twice as expensive.

    Hitnews has SSL and 8 connections which is fine, being on VM can only DL overnight anyway.
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