Is it triple glazed?
Look at my username
The RC seems okay, a bit KDE - ish. Got it running in a Virtual, it does seem to need a bit more horsepower than the other machines I've got. Don't think I'll upgrade though, XP is still fine for gaming and I've got Kubuntu (the doc says it'll clear up in a day or two) for everything else.
i thinks its ok. i was running it on this aspire one which had 512mb ram and it worked ok-ish but after upgrading to 1GB its perfect. much better than vista as it runs lighter and looks better too.
It's a vast improvement on Vista, but then that is a total mess of an OS.

It has stolen bits from all over, particularly OSX, but then that's how M$ operate. Stagnate until someone else comes out with something better, buy them out or steal their ideas, profit, repeat.

All in all it's much nicer than Vista, I even prefer it to XP. But it still suffers from plenty of legacy issues and interface decisions that M$ really need to dump if they want to keep up with the times but that are so deeply entrenched they either can't or won't trim the fat.
MS just released a service pack for Win 7 today, get ready for another 500MB download.

Incidentally, I'm going back to XP. Too many small annoying things on Win 7 to keep me.
I'll come back to it when it's final release hits.
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