Sorry !!

    You must be joking ! I don't even know what they are !!!! :oops::p


    Reinstallation ??


    A rootkit is a ]software system that consists of a ]program or … A rootkit is a ]software system that consists of a ]program or combination of several programs designed to hide or obscure the fact that a system has been compromised. Contrary to what its name may imply, a rootkit does not grant a user administrator privileges, as it requires prior access to execute and tamper with system files and processes. An attacker may use a rootkit to replace vital system executables, which may then be used to hide processes and files the attacker has installed, along with the presence of the rootkit. Access to the hardware, e.g., the reset switch, is rarely required, as a rootkit is intended to seize control of the operating system. Typically, rootkits act to obscure their presence on the system through subversion or evasion of standard operating system ]security scan and surveillance mechanisms such as ant-virus or anti-spyware scan. Often, they are ]Trojans as well, thus fooling users into believing they are safe to run on their systems. Techniques used to accomplish this can include concealing running processes from monitoring programs, or hiding files or system data from the ]operating system.][1] Rootkits may also install a "back door" in a system by replacing the login mechanism (such as /bin/login) with an executable that accepts a secret login combination, which, in turn, allows an attacker to access the system, regardless of changes to the actual accounts on the system.

    Wow !! So, now I know !!!


    How do you know you have rootkits ?

    roundup is good as it kills weeds right down to the roots :whistling:

    Sorry rappy not sure, I know avg pro has a rootkit remover in it.

    To be honest I'd reformat and start again as it sounds like your PC as more infections than a thai ladyboy.

    Disable system restore though before you do all your security cleaning as its not unheard of for nasties to lurk in there ready to spring back up and resurrect themselves, especially if you need to use a restore point.…tml

    I think F-secure has a removal tool on their website
    They def have a checker as i have used it before
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