hope you are feeling better


    Hope you're on the mend rappy


    Hi Rappy, sorry to hear that you have been unwell.

    Get well soon :thumbsup:

    Playing charades is a bad time to have a heart attack

    hope your feeling better soon rappy :thumsbup:

    Sorry to hear that Rappy. Hope you feel better soon

    omg!!!! hope ur ok..... thats so scary. :friends:

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

    Get Well soon.:thumbsup::);-)


    Sorry to hear you've been poorly.

    Take it easy matey!

    :friends: Aww hope you feel better soon


    Omg! hope your feeling better soon hun :friends: xxx


    Rappy, sorry to hear you've been in hospital - pleased you're home & hope you're feeling more like your usual chompy self soon, take care

    I haven't been on here for ages so didn't know you hadn't been about. Sending you lots of get well wishes, take care of yourself Rappy xxx

    Hope you are well soon x

    oh rappy im sorry youre not well,heres wishing you a speedy recovery buddy

    Hope you get 100% soon. Good to see you out...!
    All the BEST

    Lots of rest and no stress. Get well quickly.

    Good luck rappy hope your well soon, must have been a bad one with a heart as large as yours is made of gold.

    So sorry to hear that rappy. Hope you`re feeling better soon. Take care.:)

    OMG Rappy. Take care of yourself.

    Hope you are back to your cheeky cheerful self soon.

    So sorry to hear that Rappy. :-(

    Hope you are feeling better soon mate and take good care of yourself.

    Oh Rappy - so sorry to hear that you are poorly - I wish you a speedy recovery, and of course send you back lots and lots of Lubs!

    Gosh, that must have been a horrible shock.
    You must follow all the advice and get as well as you possibly can.
    Too many YEWMANZ has got to be a bit unbalanced - have a lettuce leaf or two with the next one.:thumbsup:


    Take it easy bud :thumbsup:

    hope ur well soon enough

    Wow - so sorry you are ill, I hope you fel better soon, seeing your little one will help, hospitals are dreadful but needed so I am glad they made you a bit better, take care my friend Love N Hugs XXX

    Gosh. All the best for your recovery, hope your feeling much better soon

    How scary! hope you`re feeling better soon! :thumbsup:

    Aww Rappy Get well soon
    xx big hug lub ya lots xx

    OMG!!! Get well soon rappy :friends: we lubs ya!! xxx

    Take care mate, hope you're better soon:friends:

    Get well soon your posts and long may they continue xx

    Big [COLOR="Magenta"][SIZE="6"]HUGS[/SIZE][/COLOR]

    Make sure you look after yourself now Rappy and do as your advised xxxx

    PLEASE take care try not to get too stressed and take things easy for a while. Hope you are feeling better soon

    Scary stuff,hope you feeling ok now,take it easy.



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    heyyy! go easy on the chomping for a little while rapster! bite size chunks only for a week! doctors orders! (well i did a first aid course! :oops:)

    sorry to here you have been unwell, get well soon. all the best mate :thumbsup:

    aww get well soon x

    Thought this was going to be a holiday thread.....really sorry to hear about your heart attack and glad to hear you're out of hospital.:thumbsup:

    Have they mentioned cardiac rehab classes yet.....
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