my 14 year old son loves his-not sure its a "serious" enough phone for an adult tho. the slide out keyboard is great for texting and looks quite cool,screen is partially touchscreen altho Im sure I read somewhere there was a download could make it fully touchscreen.

    for a youngster,great phone-maybe not enough features for the big boys tho.

    Hmmm, I had this phone from virgin, I liked it a lot, made texting v easy but after about 6 months it randomly kept switching itself off, when you opened it to read a text...oops, it's off. When you open it to send a text oops it turns itself off again. You wonder why no-one has texted or rung you for hours....your phone is off... Really annoying. Virgin offered to exchange it for another one. That turned out to be a recon with a dud battery. Got another battery for it privately to save myself the hassle and that kept draining too so guess it was the phone... But at least it didn't keep switching itself off.............until 3 months later when it started doing it the same as the first one.. Back to Virgin, changed for a different model after googling "lg ks360 switching off" and finding that it seems to be an issue for quite a few people....:whistling:

    Hope that helps.

    I have one, I don't think it's too bad. I don't like the touch screen part of it (it's only for dialling rather than using the menus).

    The phone scratches very easily so the little mirror part on the back has completely worn away so I would recommend having it in some sort of case. The screen is fine, nice and bright. The slide out keyboard is well laid out so is surprisingly very easy to use.

    The music is good which is what I mainly use it for. The camera doesn't have a flash so that lets it down and you can't turn the shutter noise of either. It's only 2.0MP too. Battery life is good, the phone charges very quickly.

    It's nice and easy to use it with your PC as both the phones memory and the external memory (micro SD card) show up as a mass storage device so no drivers are required. It can be unlocked for ]free.

    Overall it's not a bad phone, it is a budget phone so you get what you pay for.
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