the nokia 5800 deals from yesterday are what you need

    It has an app store like itunes etc, touch screen and from £20pm

    orange - 400 mins, 3000 texts…u-/

    nokia N97 - 600 mins, 3000 texts - vodafone…0m/…=af

    ok so you may have to pay £50 for the phone (you should get most if not all of that back from quidco depending on the current promotion), but thats the best phone i have ever owned! check out the specs reviews etc.. quality…_hd
    his phone in the end, seems to have great spec and great reviews! getting mine delivered tomorrow.. :lol:

    Ipod 3G Specs for Comparison…php
    Ipod 3GS Specs for comparison…php

    Pretty Detailed review at trusted reviews trustedreview.../19/…/p1

    hope that helps

    you can have the 5800 on virgin on their £18 month tariffs. my wife had one this week with 250 minutes and unlimited texts for £18 pm.


    has the 5800 got satnav?

    Mine does but you have to pay I think, you can download tom tom etc and put it on the phone

    as above. you can buy various satnav programs from the nokia store or obtain them by other means
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