Select the join command find the files and it wraps them all up and creates the avi. :thumbsup:

    NO you can open them all with rar as normal... just right hand click on the first 001 file... choose open, then when it comes up with open with a selction choose 'select a program to open with'. Then choose rar and tick 'always use this program to open this type of file'... and rar should be able to now open 001 files.

    001 are becoming more in use atm i have found, so its worth doing it this way ;-)

    Another way is just to click open, then choose open with, then choose rar... once the file has opened and you can see its contents then just choose extract to.... and it should do it.

    I think 001 files where a spin off of an old compression program i have used in the past... ACE i think it was ??

    Select them all and right click and name somthing else like add a 0 to the 1st one and it should rename them all or in the folder highlight them all right click and extract files/here.

    They're double packed.. hence the name ending with .rar.001 - you need to use HJsplit first and select the .001 file to unpack. Then after it's unpacked you will be left with a rar file and can unpack that as normal with winrar

    In the future use 7-zip, it'll extract both archives in one go:


    jdownloader is a great app... you use it to download stuff and when all the downloads are complete it extracts them for you too
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