Great value and great sound.:thumbsup:

The bay : 230373216384.. these are the cambridge 550... had these.. still use the sub with my TV set up.. they sounded very good

You can pick up these or creative G550... or G550W for around £80... sometimes... now got the G550W.. which sound excellent... lots of ooomph and clear highs lows and mids. Research these though.. there has been trouble with the subwoofers... luckily I have had no problem with mine.

All these retailed at around the £300 mark when new... so a great deal if you get a good set.

The sub is quite big... so not very inconspicuous...


only 25 watt total thoughmy current one is pumping out over 300 watts … only 25 watt total thoughmy current one is pumping out over 300 watts rmswill this be as good or better? my current system is a sony dav s 300

Well your comparing a home cinema system with pc speakers. The Logitech system has a 70 watt output and your sony system has 180 w (6x 30watt channels). So for pc use they are more than loud enough. Don't just rely on numbers. I have a Nad amp that is only 25wpc but has a much better sound and nearly as loud as my Yamaha 100wpc amp.

It all depends on your budget, I'm getting a new 5.1 set-up this week I'm going with bowers-wilkins.co.uk/dis…=hf x 4

And a B&W HTM62 Centre Speaker

Then unsure about the sub yet.

Just re read. If you are short on cash atm, I would not bother and keep the ones you have and save up.
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