Do you wear them often LOL

    Don't think i am kinky at all but i think some here fall into the perverse category :whistling:

    What the difference between kinky and perverse?

    Kinky is using a feather, perverse is using the whole chicken!

    Well umm the white summer dress look in a country setting :oops:

    Is that Kinky?

    does spanking count?:whistling:


    does spanking count?:whistling:

    what? The monkey!

    Not into leather and stuff. And I can't be doing with glamour models who wear nothing but a pair of high heels.

    I'm into the naughty schoolgirl thing and also, you can't beat a fit bird in a Footy shirt.

    You can't beat a good bit of al fresco!

    anyone into space docking!???
    rose are red
    violets are blue
    fancy a space dock
    i've frozen a poo

    Its a tad early for this type of thread:w00t:

    :w00t: behave Rappy :roll:


    anyone into space docking!??? :prose are redviolets are bluefancy a … anyone into space docking!??? :prose are redviolets are bluefancy a space docki've frozen a poo

    OMG i almost chocked on a biscuit...... reppity rep rep for you dan :lol:

    cheerleaders for me :thumbsup:

    OMG!! Rappy.....I'm surprised by u :shock:

    French maid???:p lol x
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