Psst: It's now the 2nd of April.

    I don't know what is worse...

    Microsoft making spyware and releasing it through Windows Updates.

    Or going through the hassle of making something like this then a day later telling us all about it, including the people they are attempting to spy on, plus not making it compulsory to download so they can simply avoid it.

    Seems like a wasted exercise to me, if you going to do something at least have the bottle to do it right lol - otherwise, save your money and spend it on making your crap software work better.

    I doubt it is true, I could be wrong here but I think most terrorists use Windows XP lol


    all the cleaver ones use a penguin

    Clever Terrorists?

    Never met one of them :thumbsup:


    good if true though

    It's not though, so don't worry. It'll be a giggle to see how wide this story makes it across the internet over the next few weeks, months and years though. I bet the Alex Jones types are going to explode over this one.

    By the way, one of the last things I remember you saying here was that you got one of your toes to wriggle. Any good news there, dude?


    alas not to be im afraid

    Aw man, sorry to hear that.
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