£1 Christmas Present Challenge


    A group of friends and I are doing our traditional Christmas present thing where everybody buys a present for one other person, mainly because we're all tight arses. To back this up further the limit for the cost of the present is £1, although postage is allowed on top of that if you really want.

    Anyway, I want to prove how much can actually be done with a pound these days so does anybody have any ridiculously cheap things on the internet that I can pay for with a few pennies of my pound? I'd much rather buy the things in a shop, so the 7p post-it notes and the 7p 2007 planner to pickup from PCWorld are fairly tempting- especially since they are apparently in stock at my local store. Is there anything else like this from another store/better deals from PCWorld?

    Muchos thankings! Any help/ideas are appreciated.

    Iceman :santa:


    I'd recommend the £1 shop or the sale bucket thing at some video stores, normally have videos in there for about 50p

    Original Poster

    Too expensive for me this time methinks! I think I can get far more for the pounds than two videos! :lol:

    Last year when I did this I bought somebody a Carol Smilie DIY House Decoration DVD for a pound from poundland... I was outdone with randomness when I was given a bar of surfboard wax though! :lol:

    The more random the present, the better.. although this time it is for a girl whereas last year it was a boy.

    Car boot sale or charity shop usually has cheap stuff

    What about £1 worth of washing powder? As it's for a woman, I'm sure she'd appreciate it :giggle:

    check out deal extreme, they have a $2 gadget section, with FREE delivery,

    $2 is less than a pound at the mo :giggle:…eas

    The works sell little cheap gadgets at 59p or 2 for £1... i got a kids mobile phone in it the other day.. not for me obv. Stocking filler.
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