Found 8th Jul 2008
Has anyone received their £1 golf glove from Affordable Golf yet? Ordered mine on 30th June, debited but not received anything. Their delivery says 1 - 4 days.


Same here!! Debited but not delivered!!

Ordered 29th June and no gloves!! And I ordered 3 by mistake so I've been debited with £3. Let's hope it wasn't a scam!!

Same here , nothing arrived yet , I called them yesterday and I was told that they had taken over 4000 orders for the glove and that they hoped to have them all sent out by the end of next week, the guy said they were sending out 500 orders yesterday. I have tried to log on to check my order status today but when i try to visit the website homepage I just get a message saying this account has been suspended...................not looking too good :? Anyone else getting this?

Nope mine has let me sign in and says order has been processed. dont know what that means!!

I asked them, they are still processing the orders and had to do website maintanace to keep up with all the freebie requests, the site is back online.

Just call them if you're worried the number is on the site. :thumbsup:

i too have not yet received my glove. Seems strange how Annie1508 was debited £3 for 3 when the website states one per customer :?

this is looking like a scam to me - has anyone else ordered anything different from this website before?? May only be scamming £1 but ive 4000 people have ordered one thats £4000 ... :thinking:

Mine came today, not a bad glove...


Mine arrived this morning.

Got two today!! Nice gloves.:)

mine came yesterday ... but with no bloody postage on it!!

cost me £1.42 to pick the thing up this morning


They didn't put any postage on mine either - may explain why they're not getting delivered very quickly

over a week now still have not come.

Sent them an email today and they say it will be with me this week and they were swamped with orders!:whistling:


no glove! I forgot about it to be honest!

still no glove for me


no glove! I forgot about it to be honest!

still havent received my either, its taking agers already!! MAybe a dodgy website??

From the posts before, are they attempting to send out the itemd without postage and making us pick up the fees?

By the way, hankmarvin4, nice picture!!!

Came today, I can assure you that the website is good, emailed them a few days ago and asked them where it was and they apologised and stated that as demand had been higher than expected (bet they werent expecting HUKD members to jump on the band wagon!!!) there were some delays.

As stated, received today, better quality than my Nike one that was 5 times the price... very pleased

picked mine up from post office today, ******s hadnt paid postage (or stamp had fallen off) and i had to pay £1.42 to collect it.

Received mine today, full postage paid too:-D Great glove at a great price, worth the wait:thumbsup:

Yes, I received mine at the weekend, I too had forgotten about this one.

got mine probs can within 3 days postage paid

maybe they ran out of stamps??? :whistling:

Hello everybody...

...just to let anyone who's wondering know - you WILL get them, but it may take a while!!!

So please be patient!!!

...I ordered mine on June 29th, and received mine yesterday July 30th!!!

So well done the OP, and well-done for honouring them!!! :thumbsup:

P.S. Mine didn't have a stamp - it had a printed-on postage paid mark instead - so looks like they've made their operations much more efficient!!!

Mine came too! Yey! :-D

Original Poster

At long last, mine came...Good quality. well done could do with answering your emails though.

Still nothing here :-(
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