1 hour or less battery charger?

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Found 5th Sep 2007

I'm looking to buy a fast rechargeable battery charger. There are a few cheap "uniross" ones on ebay, but I've heard that there are cheap fakes knocking around.

I'm looking to spend around £25 or less including a set of AA batteries.




Try Lidl on Monday.. ]lidl.co.uk
Not too sure if it a fast charger though.. Hope this helps?

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Cheers for the reply bud, but it's not showing up in my local store

Must be a regional thing again


[url]www.7dayshop.com[/url] and amazon tend to do some good deals.....

There was one posted last week on HDUK. There was an uproar (!) about it melting batteries and what not because it was so super charged. It was a good price though if I remember correctly. Have a search.

Try Morrisons. They currently have a 15min Energizer charger and 4 x 2200mah AA batteries. Combine this with the 2500mah batteries from Lidl, and you're on a winner!

Sorry to hijack this thread .....
Anyone know of a reasonably priced charger that does C and D size batteries?
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