Found 12th Dec 2015
For some odd reason PEPSICO keeps on sending me boxes of CRYSTAL PEPSI directly to my house. I'm only 1 GUY. There's ALOT of EXTRA Crystal Pepsi. The only logical thing that I could think of is to GIVE THEM ALL AWAY!!!!

I have 55 bottles of CRYSTAL PEPSI which were shipped to me from PEPSICO themselves. Here is the deal....After a long thought out review done in complete fairness, considering I wish I could send every last person a bottle, 43 of those bottles are going to the CRYSTAL PEPSI WARRIORS who were crazier than I was in this movement. Literally the people standing by my side at PEPSI HQ for 3 days straight, & the Men and Women from over seas who would MAN-HANDLE Keeping Up on PEPSI'S Every Social Media Move with me day & night, 24/7, & the other select few who played MAJOR roles in helping to get Crystal Pepsi Back.

With that said, there are 12 bottles Up For GRAbs (Days Off The Production Line) including 2 from my own personal 6 pack stash...of six. ****. now I only have 4. I just did math.

In addition to your Sweet Nectar of The Gods Crystal PEPSI Bottle, I will include (1)Autographed Postcard (1)Autographed Have A Good Day Sticker. Each card and sticker will be dated & numbered 1-12 (Limited Edition)

As long as PEPSI keeps sending me Fresh Crystal PEPSI'S, I'll Continue To Spread The 90's JOY TO EVERYONE!!!

Have A Crystal Pepsi Day!!

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how can I collect them

how can I collect them

They will be mailed to you
Please can I have one
[image missing]

Many thanks
Hi could I get one for my nephew please ?
Please may I have one?
Me Please?
Thanks CubicZirconia. Great prize. Good luck all.
Would love a bottle for xmas if you could pm please
How do I get one of these? They look awesome. Can I have one please?
Hey would really love one of these out of ur collection. We have got various ones from over the years this would be ace to have in the collection. Would appreciate any details on this. Thanks.
Pepsi is just the best, I'm not on social media and I tried to enter by e-mail but there doesn't seem to be a link. Could you pm me as I'd love one for keeps. Thanks & Merry Christmas.
What is it?
Would love a bottle of crystal Pepsi.
Please can I have one ? ☺️
Give me a shout if you've got one spare thanks!
I'd love one too, never even heard of Crystal Pepsi, yet alone tried it.

Did we have them in the UK ?
Why did you post this? It's meant for the Subs! I have been subbed for years not that I'm entering but this defeats the whole point of the giveaway
would love to try a bottle of this, never heard of this here in the UK
Can I get 1 of these please? Thanx
Can I have one please.... They look really cool. I've started following you on Instagram too ;-)
have never heard of it, us it coming out to shops soon
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