1 or 2GB ReadyBoost USB Flash drive?

    I am soon to get Vista (gulp!) ;-)

    But read somewhere that with vista I can use a USB flash drive to boost performance..

    anyone have any recommendations?


    I heard about this at a MS conference the other day - it basically acts as RAM if you leave it plugged in and so is especially useful in PCs that only have 512 or 1GB RAM. Have a look at the following site for some compatibility charts:


    this is another pretty good site for Q&As about it


    Kingston DataTraveler mini fun 2Gb for £12.99 is compatable which is nice as I have bought one after finding this link on here:…asp

    Seems of dubious benefit if you have a modern machine, particularly one with 2GB+. Nice cheap boost for older ones though.

    Beware there are vast, vast differences between readyboost capability. So far, the one with the best stats I've heard of are the Apacer 1gb and 2gb models.

    Original Poster

    thanks guys....

    Seriously, if you read the review from Anandtech, you'll spend the money elsewhere instead of on a USB stick. It gives virtually zero performance gain, yet I wonder what happens if you accidentally knock the stick out...

    I'd spend money on RAM - when you can get 2 gigs for £100 there's no reason to get user this feature of Vista.
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