1 Viber account on 2 devices?

In December last year I managed to get my viber account on my iphone working simultaneously on my samsung tab 3 so when someone sends a message it appears on both devices. I can't remember how I did and have been trying to do the same for my girlfriends Ipad and android phone. When I activate one device it deactivates the other which makes sense but can't figure out how I got both mine to work. Has anyone else got one account working on 2 devices simultaneously? If so can you advise me on how you did it please? I think It was something to do with the activation codes if I remember correctly



tbh ive done it on mine and it just worked. but they where both android devices

I've got Viber both on my Android tablet and Windows phone. It might be worth trying uninstalling on both devices and then installing on your phone first and then other device. This link may help.

@supacook2k - Viber is supported on iPad, but it is not optimized for full functionality. This means that you will experience issues when activating Viber on iPad after it has already been activated on another device. You can find more information about this here: http:/****/1jQy3nB
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