Meerkat 2 For 1 Rewards for 1 Year (Meals and Movies) for FREE

Posted 29th Dec 2019

Thought this was worth a nice reminder to anyone who has either yet to come across this or up for renewal etc.

Thanks to @r55 for original deal

You can get 241 Meerkat Rewards for FREE or a few quid using this method.

Click on travel insurance and select options to obtain a quote, once you click through the relevant link to 'purchase' some insurance, add your e-mail address for signing up purposes.

Once you have login details, go the the main site and click on rewards area & add the travel company name (no need to add policy number) and click claim without and it should be accepted!

If this does not play ball for you, simply buy 1 days travel insurance for a few quid and use the policy number for Meerkat Rewards! Either way you will be getting a bargain for 1 year and it is so useful

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