1 Year Meerkat 2 For 1 Rewards (Meals and Movies) for FREE

Posted 21st Jul 2022
You can get 2 for 1 cinema tickets every Tuesday or Wednesday for a year for FREE with Meerkat Movies Rewards.

This is a glitch that allows you to get 1 Year Meerkat Rewards without purchasing a policy.

The rewards membership also gives you 2 for 1 on starters, mains and deserts (Sun-Thurs) + other discounts when dining out at participating restaurants.

This been posted on here before but doesn't appear to have been posted since 2019. I have checked and it still works, so thought it is worth a repost with the school summer holidays just starting, as there will be a lot of people who may not already be aware of this.

Instructions: -

- Click on Travel Insurance and select the options for a single trip quote.
- Click through the link as if you are going to buy some insurance. If you're not already a member, make sure you add your email address because you need to sign up.
- Once you have your log in details, go to the main site again and click on rewards comparethemarket.com/customer-rewards/ then click on the option to claim your reward
- Add the travel company name of the company you clicked through - you don't need to actually enter the policy number because you can just click claim without and it will be instantly accepted.

You now have 1 Year of Meerkat 2 For 1 Rewards (Meals and Movies) for FREE

Credit to r55 for the original post from 2019.

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  1. gill21's avatar
    Brilliant thanks , got my free code

    Would this work on other days or is it just Tuesday and Wednesday? I mean has anyone tried on other days ? (edited)
    DontRun's avatar
    DontRun Author
    The cinema tickets are for Tuesdays and Wednesdays only, they won’t work on any other day
  2. Darsh007's avatar
    This glitch is there for years. Been using this for over 3 years.
    DontRun's avatar
    DontRun Author
    Yeah it's not been posted as a deal on here since 2019 so thought it would be good to post it, as a lot of newer members won't be aware, and also to let people know it still works
  3. Gollywood's avatar
    Worth it just to acquire the rights to a desert! (edited)
  4. r4w80's avatar
    Thank you OP for reminding us of this "workaround"!
  5. C0SM0's avatar
    If you need a code let me know
    Custom_Beet's avatar
    Could you send me a meerkat movies code please
  6. nicklincs's avatar
    Just done it, thanks
  7. bobdylan's avatar
  8. C0SM0's avatar
    Thanks v much forgot to do it again so thanks for the reminder
  9. Talom's avatar
    Thanks for this
  10. LuckyIori's avatar
    You're a legend mate, cheers
  11. Goomba...'s avatar
    Well done OP. Great find. This should be moved to Deals in my opinion.
    DontRun's avatar
    DontRun Author
    Thanks. I did post it as a deal but it got moved to discussions. I asked if it could be moved back to deals but was told it couldn't
  12. katiec's avatar
    Just redeemed, great thank you
  13. Delightful123's avatar
    Thanks for posting
  14. Brainiac's avatar
    Anyone who can pass me.the meerkat movies code please?
    SaturdayGigs's avatar
    Dm sent
  15. Brainiac's avatar
    Anyone with Meerkat movie code please?
    SaturdayGigs's avatar
    DM sent. (edited)
  16. Mompluto's avatar
    This worked perfectly! I have the Meerkat rewards for a year now. Thanks 
  17. jond155's avatar
    Does anyone have a code I could have for half term please? Thanks
  18. Custom_Beet's avatar
    Anyone got a movie code I could have please?
  19. kyser143's avatar
    Anyone have a code I can use this week please 🙏
    Delightful123's avatar
    Message sent
  20. Fc76's avatar
    Anyone else having issues getting a code today? I keep getting an error today
    Sbucks's avatar
    Yes, I am unable to book today, it says invalid code
  21. Muggy768's avatar
    Anyone have a movie code please (
    Vish2k4's avatar
    PM sent
  22. fes37's avatar
    Hi. If this thread is still alive, couod I request a meerkat code please for next Wednesday please? Thanks in advance
    Delightful123's avatar
  23. WayneBrown's avatar
    Hello, could someone please send me a meerkat code for cinema
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