1 year old car seat

Found 29th Oct 2005
Any deals going for 1 year old childs car seat?
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Duh! Thinking all wrong tonight hehe, I thought this was for a car seat that is one year old... :roll:


Well, Argos have a few on offer, it wouldn't be a good idea just to go for the cheapest I guess. Prices range from £15 to around £100
Remember what the car seat is for, to protect your Child in the unfortunate event that you have an accident.

Therefore please don't go on cost but safety and the best place for unbiased advice is 'Which' - I took out a free 30 day trial then kept it going - great reference when making a major purchase!

The most expensive are not necessarily the safest however something cheap may not afford the protection your child deserves.

For a 1 year old check out:

Britax Duo Plus Isofix

Mamas & Papas Pro Tec

I'll let you do the research on Pricing...
halfords branches have a good range with free advice and fitting
Lidl had some car seats yesterday, I think they were £30 but I don't know the age range.

If shopping in Lidl *please* make sure that whatever you buy conforms to UK safety standards.

Lidl were prosecuted for selling baby buggies that didn't conform to UK standards but to less stringent european standards. The buggies didn't have proper brakes meaning buggies were rolling off down slopes with babies in them! :shock:
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