1 yr old kitten on heat? - Cat owners / Vets

    i think my 1 yr old kitten is on heat, shes showing the signs of groaning and rubbing her head of everything she can touch and rolling on the floor with her tail between her legs, She is also laying on her front paws and belly and then stamping on her hind legs/ or what resembles "walking" up and down on them and she has her tail low to the ground.

    No sign of her spraying anywhere yet but this is the second day of her making noises but first day of her doing that funny behavior with her hind legs, and rubbing herself on various things has been going on for a few months now

    How long will she act like this ? Can i get her dressed at the vets now when she is acting like this or do i have to wait?
    What is the recommended age or average age for a cat to be dressed?
    What are the rough cost for a cat to be dressed.


    I got my cat done when she was 5 or 6 mths old.... I was told this was the best age to have her done, before she even came into season.
    From memory I paid about £80

    Your best bet would be to ring a vet for one knows cats like vets do!

    Cats can be spayed from 6 months onwards - costs vary - try phoning vets for prices. Also, go to your local library and get a book on how to look after cats.


    Should I get my female cat neutered (spayed)?

    Spaying stops your cat from having unwanted kittens and stops her from developing cancer of the ovaries or uterus. It also stops her from coming into ‘heat’ frequently which may be upsetting for her.

    When is the best time to get my female cat neutered (spayed)?

    The operation is often done at around five to six months of age, but can safely be done when your cat is younger or older. Ask your vet when the best time is for your cat.

    Should my female cat have a litter before she’s neutered (spayed)?

    There’s no benefit to your cat, and by delaying getting her spayed you increase her risk of having an unwanted litter.

    I think she's in season. None of my females have ever sprayed. I once had boy & girl kittens, siblings, I walked into the kitchen and they were on top of the fridge doing it. Phoned the vet and he neutered them the next day. They were 6 months old. I think all cats rub up against things to make it like home, they leave a tiny scent and it marks their territory. And they rub against each other as affection even after being neutered.
    Please try not to have kittens - there are about a million unwanted cats every year already.
    Some charities help with the cost of neutering for people on benefits or low incomes, my friend got her dog done through the PDSA.

    Your cat is in season,she will act like this for upto 3 weeks if a male doesn't get to her before that,i'd get her straight to the vets, i know these signs very well as i have breed kittens in the past.

    try PDSA / celia hammond as they have clinics that might do it cheaper and the money goes to charity .

    also give cats protection a call they sometimes have vouchers to help with the cost of getting them spayed
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