£10 cashback for sending in an empty Bic biro

Found 15th May 2010
Not sure of the price of these in shops, but have found them online for £1.30. You need a receipt or invoice to qualify, so you could purchase them online.

Buy a promotional pack of 10 BiC® Cristal® Medium Black pens between 1st April and 31st December 2010 and keep your receipt or invoice .
Use all the ink in your BiC® Cristal® Medium so that theres none visible in the cartridge, and the pen can no longer write.
Send Bic your pen! It's got to be at least 30 days after the date of purchase, but by 31st January 2011. Make sure you include the receipt or invoice, the completed application and the empty BiC® Cristal® Medium black promotional pack pouch 10 packaging too.
Theyll send you a cheque for £10 for each pen within 28 days. Only one claim per address. You need to register with the site to download an application form.

Website is challengebic.co.uk/

Get scribbling! If you have a WH Smiths card they are offering £5 off when you spend £12 on stationery so you could stock up with biros!
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A large needled syringe would be handy here.
Wow I guess I'm going to be buying some of these to waste then!
Moved to Misc as this is about cashback rather than a specific deal; albeit a cracking bit of info
for me bic pens stop writing long before the ink is actually gone, so i think this isn't so easy
Oh God you're not allowed to chew the pen.

I'm not going to be able to do it then.
upto 10 pens per claim only 1 claim per person/household £100 . They are never gonna payout.... There must be no ink left at all.
Good tip, but we have a drawer full of bics, they are like that bottle of shower gel you have in the shower that you want to use up before you can justify buying a new one but it never seems to go down no matter how often you use it.
Thanks andywedge, was not sure where it should go.

for me bic pens stop writing long before the ink is actually gone, so i … for me bic pens stop writing long before the ink is actually gone, so i think this isn't so easy

+1, the last of pressure in the container means it is very difficult to remove all ink. It would be easier with the fisher space pens.
Gently pul the nib out then blow from the top, gently but firmly.
so proof of purchase, one claim per household and a fully empty bic pen

sounds harder than actually getting a job to me

bic should at least accept back those pens that are full/nearly full but just wont write, however much time you spend scratching them on some paper.
(little bit of hatred from me of biro's) I use pencils!
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