10 gang extension lead with 5m cable and surge protection


    I'm looking for a 10 gang extension lead with a 5 meter cable with surge protector. I can't seem to find this anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


    Umm nope searched and searched... but alternative could be by a ten with surge 2m. Buy the cable on reel. Pay electrician to swap to 5m safely? OR add another mains socket and get 2 5s?
    hopefully someone else can help further

    I think you may struggle to find one at all, as I'm guessing for safety reasons they wouldn't want people plugging ten items into one socket with a possibly very high amp rating, which could cause the cable to overheat and catch fire.

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    Thanks guys for your replies. I bought a 13 gang extension with a 2m cable and surge protector but it was made in China and I wasn't convinced by the quality. Will look for a reel instead. Thanks again :-)

    U may be able to get a tower socket extension with 10 sockets. Argos / b&q and the likes sell this. It has a 2m lead. Then get a single 3m trailing socket to extend or if you're able cut the plug off, buy 3m of cable and an inline joiner and wire up the extender yourself and shove a plug on the end. Someone with basic did skills could probably help otherwise.

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    Thanks schui1024 that's a great suggestion. I ended up getting an 8 gang 3m extension lead.
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