£10 gift? xbox 360 or wii related, if possible

    hi guys
    got a secret santa at work and its for a guy who's into his games... he has a 360 and a wii so I thought I'd go for something for one of his consoles since he's gonna have time off uni soon.

    any good deals you've seen recently on hardware or games?


    If he needs an extra nunchuck they are 12.99 at dixons at the mo. There are plenty of games about for the 360 at £9.99 now but they are old games so he may have them already.

    A 2GB SD memory card is about £9 if he needs one of those for the wii?

    Or a play and charge kit for the xbox for about £15 (I got mine for £5 on here but that deal expired ages ago) or I think you can get charge kits for the wii for about £5-£10 but I've not tried any of them.

    How much is a wireless headset for the xbox if he plays on live a lot, I'd want one of those too but don't know how much they are?


    Metal slug anthology is available for the wii @ £9.97...…437

    A game for £10 cannot go wrong........

    If he does not like it he can trade it for £11 CASH @ CEX!!!!!

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    well I checked his games on xbox live - I love that.. so now I know he owns almost 36 games so probably no point in getting him an xbox game... he's got all the good ones

    metal slug is really fun, though and I think that may well be exactly what he'd like! cheers guys
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