10 inch tablet around £100

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Found 20th Nov 2016
I plan on buying my other half a 10 inch tablet for Christmas in hopes she stops stealing my laptop.

My budget is around £100, but a bit over isn't an issue.

I want it to be :
10 inch
Reasonable battery life
Plenty of accessories available (she likes to get new cases for her phone on a regular basis)

She only watches youtube, checks emails, goes on pinterest, and Facebook.

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10 inch
Reasonable battery life
Plenty of accessories


Over budget but check out the Asus zenpad

forget zenpad build quality is poor, try and get a lenovo tab 2 a10-70 off ebay, you can pick a new on bid for around 100, good memory,decent screen, worth it to track one down.

Try a Lenovo with 2GB of Ram. Ebay/Argos store around £100 -£120
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