10" Netbook - Bags/Cases - Recommendations wanted please


    Can anyone here who owns a 10" netbook - reccommend a decent netbook bag to keep it in please?

    I have a Samsung NC10, Looking for a messenger style bag, which looks half decent.

    I dont want a nice piece fo kit like this in an ugly bag.

    Any & all reccommendations welcome.

    Many Thanks



    I bought a Eeepc from Comet just before Christmas and wanted a small case for it .I bought the MCA carry case for £29.00 .Very nice looking case but it's a hell of a tight fit for my 1000HXP .On the label it states size upto 10.2" x 7.85" x 1.9" but for some reason my mini Pc dosen't want to go in . If it fits your model , I'd sell the case for £15 .It's new ,never been used andstill has the cardboard wrapper around it .

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    Ricko - do you have a link to the carry case? Thanks


    Ricko - do you have a link to the carry case? Thanks

    This appears to be the one from Comet.


    not a direct link .click on the link and change the * to a w in your browser.

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    Thanks Ricko - not my type of thing... looking for things like this...…jpg

    But that one is in germany.

    My girlfriend has this one...…se/

    Her one is really good - fits perfectly, with room for the leads and a few accessories.

    I may get this one....…ase

    or this one...


    I would like to get the last one - looks nicely padded - but the front is just very plain - not very funky.

    Maybe it will help others to get something good.

    Please if anyone has any other reccomendations, post here

    Thanks again Ricko - let me know if you find anything!

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    the last link is for e b a y

    cgi.e B A…tem

    Just take out the spaces in the link above where the e b a y bit at the front is.

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    wow - just saw that mca bag price - damn expensive !

    Original Poster…ess

    This is the case I got.

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    Does it come in Blue?

    its also probably way out of my budget anyways! :-(

    ther was a belkin bag on here the other day avalable at instore for £5, suits 10" - 12" laptop, i got one and its great

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    mcallim7, many thanks to you and everyone for their help.

    I have decided to go for this:…736

    however i bought through their ebay store, and it was cheaper - about £22 inc delivery.

    not as cheap as the belkin link above, but i like the look of this bag - outside is a bit plain .

    Maybe ill get my niece to colour it in, and pretend its Retro school gear from the 1980's ! haha

    Hope others may enjoy this bag too.

    Thanks again



    Nice bag and fits nc10 snug with sleeve on too, accessories squeeze in bag too.

    Boring colours, but protective, small and light ;-)

    Just picked up 2x Solo Business 11" Laptop Bag From Maplins Code A11JJ, Priced at £14.99ea
    Which is an amazing price when everyone else is selling them for £40-£60
    Fits My Advent 4211 Perfectly

    Link is to Dixons and Maplins have no Photo…748

    Hi I bought an external HDD bag from PC World for £24.99 it's made by Case Logic and holds my acer aspire one, external maxstor 2.5" HDD, LG external DVD/RW, PSU and leads. Hope this helps (link Below)…220
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