£10 off ANY Order over £20 @ Expansys - Expires 10/1/2008

    This is a spare code mailed to me that can be passed onto a friend

    The code is -: XMS5256286

    Expires 10/1/2008

    Can only be used once (1st come 1st served!!)

    Either telephone your order


    Original Poster

    mods can you change the expiry date to the 10th January.

    Typo & I can't seem to edit the OP :oops:

    Moved to misc... one off codes are not really freebies.

    Here's my unused code: XMS7272755

    I know it's a bit late in the day but I've been looking for something to spend it on and finally can't find anything I need, so someone else may as well have it.
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