£10 Off Existing SNES Mini Pre-Orders at Tesco Direct

Found 20th Jul 2017
WARNING: This is only going to be of any use if you ALREADY HAVE a valid pre-order for a SNES Mini with Tesco Direct.

Tesco are currently offering £10 off any orders over £75 with coupon code TDX-PLNX and this appears to include existing pre-orders.

As the SNES Mini pre-orders were at the inflated price of £79.99, this coupon brings it back to the RRP of £69.99. All you have to do is call customer services and explain that you have a pre-order and would like to use the coupon code that is currently on the front page of their website.

I'm not expecting this deal to get any heat at all but considering it is a scarce item this is useful info for those who had no choice but to pay the inflated price.

Please note I can't guarantee that this will work but I called customer services and they were happy to oblige, I can confirm that the £10 refund is now in my bank account. I got this tip from someone else who had managed to do the same, so it's definitely worth a try.

Please also note that I am aware that the coupon code itself has already been posted, but as there is no mention in that post of using it against existing pre-orders I thought people would appreciate this info.
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Wish I hadn't cancelled it now as I got the argos one
Thanks for sharing, moved over to misc as a info post
I'll try to call them then :]. Thank you op
can't find it on the website
Thanks OP - just done that and they've done a £10 refund!
I got told they would only honor it if the item was still in stock, which clearly it isn't at the moment so no joy for me, No harm in other ppl trying tho!
I called them just now and the woman said it can't be applied to preorders. She put me on hold for a while too
I tried and they rejected it. Said that it was not possible to retrospectively apply the discount code. If any of you do get any joy please post up details on here.
I've tried emailing their CS. Worth a punt.
I've received a credit via the send an email form...
Careful they don't cock up and cancel your pre-order while adding the code
Just been on the phone to Tesco Direct and they have refunded me £10 via a Service Apology back onto the card I paid with. They can actually do a refund as the order is still been processed.
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Thanks OP! Ordered 2 SNES consoles (didn't see the small print of 1 per order) but, luckily, both have gone through and £ has been taken from my account for both. Emailed Customer Service re: £20 off voucher code against my preorder and I have just received an email from CS stating that £20 has been refunded via my original payment method. My order is still there for 2 consoles - phew!
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