10 steps to unlock your f210 without the clip

    ok i have created a 10 step easy guide to unlocking the f210, without the clip all the files are in the zip folder plus a written guide by me. So for thoes who cannot wait for the clip you are welcome to use the guide written specially for HUKD. Credits go to all HUKDealers who made this possible.:thumbsup: cheers guys

    boonergooner and
    every 1 else.
    plus me grim_reaper

    There are 3 files in the zip folder
    1. guide PDF format
    2. Msvbvm50.dll file which was missing samsung tool software.


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    black gerbil1;3956206]

    lol invalid link :?


    black gerbil1;3956206]

    NOT working. Once clicking on unlock, it stops and shows "ERROR". Everything is as instructed, so don't know why.

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    some people have said that its their pc, the software does work i have unlocked 3 f210 phones as well as that other HUKDealers have unlocked their phones. try anohter computer.

    I have used another software and select F300 as there isn't F210 option. Then it works and unlocks three phones.

    Also, no need to install PC Suite, only USB driver is required.

    Thanks for the information which inspires me to adventure.

    Thanks So Much Worked Perfect >>>> Many Many Thanks


    Thanks So Much Worked Perfect >>>> Many Many Thanks


    It worked,Thank you very much.......

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    thanks guys good 2 know i helped.
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