10 X Comet Vouchers 10% - Expire at 4PM today (24/12/2009) - BE QUICK!

    I have about another ten 10% Comet vouchers to giveaway. Please PM me if you want one?

    They must be used by 4PM today which is when the vouchers expire!! Deliveries after Christmas, might be cutting it too fine for Click and Collect - as I think stores close at 4PM.

    Priority will be given to members who have submitted more to the forum and not just joined up. One per member.

    BE QUICK!!!


    can i have one please, they still work by the way

    [SIZE="5"]me [/SIZE] [SIZE="6"]me [/SIZE] [SIZE="7"]Me [/SIZE] [SIZE="5"]ME [/SIZE] [SIZE="3"]me [/SIZE] [SIZE="4"]ME [/SIZE] [SIZE="5"]Me [/SIZE] [SIZE="6"]mE [/SIZE] [SIZE="5"]me [/SIZE] [SIZE="6"]me [/SIZE] [SIZE="7"]Me [/SIZE] [SIZE="5"]ME [/SIZE] [SIZE="3"]me [/SIZE] [SIZE="4"]ME [/SIZE] [SIZE="5"]Me [/SIZE] [SIZE="6"]mE [/SIZE] [SIZE="5"]me [/SIZE] [SIZE="6"]me [/SIZE] [SIZE="7"]Me [/SIZE] [SIZE="5"]ME [/SIZE] [SIZE="3"]me [/SIZE] [SIZE="4"]ME [/SIZE] [SIZE="5"]Me [/SIZE] [SIZE="6"]mE [/SIZE] , [SIZE="4"] oooohhhhhh it's 10 past 5!!! uuurghhhhh[/SIZE] :w00t:

    If they still work now just be careful as they can cancel the order as per terms and conditions.

    Worst case scenario though

    i'd like one pls as i'm looking to buy a new fridge and freezer.thankyou:santa:
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