Dont know weather to try for this deal....what do you think?

    A 4GB Xbox 360 would usually cost nearly £150, yet it's possible to grab one for a tenner if you sign up to Orange's broadband and off-peak calls package via a group buying site. The deal's only on Sun 28 & Mon 29 Nov, see below for full details...

    Get a 4GB Xbox 360 for £10 (usually c. £135) when you sign up for Orange's broadband and off-peak home phone bundle via a group-buying site on Sun 28 or Mon 29 Nov.

    Orange mobile customers pay an avg. £17.75/mth all-in over the 18mth contract (the cheapest standalone options total £14).

    Non Orange customers usually pay an avg. £21.92/mth all in (the cheapest standalone options total £14).

    It's 'up to' 20Mbps broadband with unlimited downloads, inclusive eve & weekend calls, and a free wireless router (more in the Cheap Broadband guide).

    It is very unlikely you'd get the Xbox in time for Christmas (allow 2 months for it to arrive).

    Important Warning! This is the info we have so far, but the full t&cs won't be available until later this week. We won't be updating this, so please double check all is right before signing up.

    Interested? Read on for full details ...

    How do I get it?
    Sign up through group-buying site Groupon* on Sun 28 or Mon 29 Nov only, then redeem your e-voucher from Tues 30 Nov at 2pm.

    To do this, phone the Orange call centre on the freephone number provided, and then you'll get your Xbox 360 within 2 months - so it's unlikely you'll get it by Christmas. You'll have until 28 Feb '11 to redeem the voucher.

    What does the bundle include?
    With Orange's broadband and off-peak calls bundle, you'll get:

    Up to 20Mbps broadband with unlimited downloads

    A free wireless router

    Home phone with inclusive evening and weekend calls.

    Orange's landline charges aren't particularly competitive (price list), so this is far better suited to light phone users who want the cheap broadband. The contract length is 18 months though, so you'll need to be staying put. For more info, see the Cheap Broadband guide.

    What are group buying sites?
    Sites that specialise in short-term, one-off promotional deals, usually on the condition that enough people sign up. Sometimes they are regional but usually you can buy a Manchester deal, for example, and still use it in London. The biggies include Groupon, Groupola, KGB deals & Crowdity.
    They use people power to negotiate heavily discounted offers and in return the merchant hopefully acquires new customers with a deal that goes 'viral'. Just because it's on a group buying site, doesn't automatically mean it's a good deal though. Some aren't good, the best will be in the weekly email.
    What to watch for?
    Group buying sites are relatively new beasts and as the concept evolves we're learning more about what to watch for.
    Q. Will the company put prices up?

    This has happened once before with a Sunglasses Shop deal via Groupon (then My City Deals) where it put the price up on the day of the voucher which in effect diminishes the gain from getting the voucher.

    We were furious (as was the group buying site) and put many days into ensuring it was sorted for all MoneySavers. We always make sure we get assurances from the Group Buying site that they have written confirmation from the company that prices will stay the same. Some even have legally binding contracts stipulating this point.

    Q. If I change my mind can I get my money back on the voucher?
    Most of the group buying sites offer a refund. Eg, Groupon promises if you change your mind within seven days you can get your money back on the voucher.

    The following is from its t&cs, "5.4 Right to cancel: Once we send you the Voucher, you may cancel the transaction at any time within 7 working days from the day after the day that you receive the Voucher... by emailing [email protected]".
    Q. What if stock runs out?
    Usually there isn't a cap on the number of vouchers offered within a deal, apart from time so the retailer is likely to be under heavy demand. Therefore be prepared if there's only one specific thing you want, especially if it's popular, there's a chance it may sell out and you'll be left with the voucher.
    So before you buy a voucher check that there's more than one thing you'd be happy to use it on.
    Q. What if I don't get the voucher?
    Most vouchers are sent by email, so do check you junk mail first to see if it's gone there. Otherwise most sites allow you to download the voucher again when you log in to your account online. If you still can't get it after that, email the customer service deparrtment.
    Q. Will I get spammed?
    Part of the model of these sites is to market daily deals to you so expect your inbox to be bombarded. However to avoid this, simply sign up with an email address you don't use everyday, there are plenty of free ones from Hotmail or Yahoo.
    How much does it actually cost?
    The amount you'll pay depends on whether you're already an Orange mobile customer (for how these prices stack up, see below):

    Orange mobile customers: If you're in its network area (it'll tell you), its broadband and off-peak calls bundle's £7.50/mth plus £11.50/mth line rental, over an 18 month contract. This works out at £17.75/mth all-in, factoring in its ongoing 3 months free offer.

    Its network area covers 85% of the UK, but if you're outside of this you'll pay an extra £10/mth, bringing it to an average of £26.08/mth all-in.

    Non-Orange mobile customers: If you're in its network area (it'll tell you) but aren't an Orange customer, its broadband and off-peak calls bundle's £12.50/mth plus £11.50 line rental over an 18 month contract. This works out at £21.92/mth all-in, including the 3 months free offer.

    However, if you aren't in it's network area and aren't with Orange it's an extra £15/mth on top of its basic price, taking it up to a hefty £30.25/mth all-in.

    Yet there's a nifty way to qualify as an Orange customer and save £5/mth. As Orange offers Free Sim Cards, this effectively means anyone can get the cheaper rate, though you'll need to have topped up at by at least £10 within 3 months before you sign up.


    so did you go for this deal?

    Original Poster

    No couldnt after all because i didnt have a bt line, my line is with Sky which is digital. To get a BT Line back it was over £100....did you?

    Someone did post this and it was colder than a polar bears nuts dragging through the snow

    Original Poster

    Why though,,,,,thought it would have been good !

    yeah - bought 2 vouchers for my brother and parents as i was in the process of moving them from AOL to somewhere else anyway (was originally thinking of O2)
    but i have not claimed yet as not sure how Orange checks if people have orange mobile numbers.
    i was gonna use my orange number for my parents' order and a friend's orange number for my brother.. but not sure if that would work?
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