100% compatible laptop for hackintosh?

Found 10th May 2018
Does anyone know which laptops made in the last couple of years will run hackintosh and have everything work normally?
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I can’t help you with the hackintosh laptop recently but I can say what to look for. Generally the WiFi card is important but changeable, gpu has to be dedicated not switched with onboard but generally laptops with dedicated gpu’s the Mac boot takes onboard because of Optimus, they just didn’t work.

the Dell 7567 was a pick of choice a while back. Honestly I have built a few from the first intel macs and it was cool as a hobby, saying look at this etc. But as a machine it was horrible to work with stable times were great but it always felt I was tinkering just to keep the system working.

I think if you want a day to day computer with little upkeep don’t go hackintosh either buy a MacBook or buy a windows laptop. Otherwise you will spend your days patching up the cracks in an ugly looking crippled but capable pc!
Easiest option is to install MacOS in VMware, assuming your PC/Laptop is capable of doing so.
HP pro book business / elite books are easiest to install.
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