£100 Digital Camera?

Hi was wondering if anyone can recomend a decient digi cam preferably for around £100 (although im not expecting the world).

I basically want something that I can take away on holiday and use to take some half decient shots - probably alot of the time in low light condions (bars clubs etc.).

Also would like a fairly good video mode - I am a keen longboard skater and what to be able to take some videos/ photos of fast paced stuff (talking around 20 - 35mph action) - will all be outdoors on the video front so lighting in videos not as much of an issue.

would idealy prefere something with an optical zoom of sorts and to be fairly hard wearing

any help appreciated

Thanks in advance



Try this. I've only heard good things and the reveiew says "you can create decent quality video recordings on the camera".

Samsung i7 Digital Camera

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cheers guys!!!!

SInce I can see you using this quite a lot for recreational long boarding I'd recommend one of those Olympus SW series cameras. It will cost you around £50 on top of your budget but they'll take a battering. It's £50 you'd end up spending on insurance or something anyway.

Or try the Fujifilm F47fd for about £90 (check the deals pages) - its not too bad in low light conditions

Have you checked out amazon? They have 30% off some digital cameras at the moment.


Depending on what you want from the camera (ie something slim, useful and full of features with excellent pictures or a camera capable of taking near proffessional levels of photography) I'd go with the Samsung i7 or Fuji s5800.

Or you could look to add £50 to your budget as suggested above, that goes a long long way in cameras.

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cheers guys and thanks for the fast replies - will have an indepth look later today but the SW series does look like a good idea at a glance.

rep added to all!
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