100 Ferrero Rocher Or Guylian Chocolates

Found 24th Jan 2011
I need to buy 100 boxes of chocolates to give away.

I've seen Ferrero Rochers boxes (16 pieces) for £2.50 at Lidl, but wanted to make sure if there was anywhere else that had them for a better price.

I would also consider the Guylian chocolate boxes - as long as they're branded chocolates, otherwise I look like a cheapskate...

A saving is a saving, so every penny counts - especially with the volume of units I'm buying...

For those who would ask why I need 100 boxes, they're to give away to guests attending a party next week.

Thanks all in advance.
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Why not try a cash and carry like bookers? You can check out the prices on there as they may be cheaper then ask at your local pub to see if they have a card you can use to go in and buy them?
I called Bookers and they said it worked out to £2.89 a box (£57ish inc VAT for a case of 20).

I'm sure we can do better though...
You're really going to spoil them...
Tesco had Guylian for £1.49 reduced from £4.99 i think, that was 2 days ago and was the 16 chocolate box
lucky guests
im sure if you went into a shop and told them how many you was gonna buy then they might give ya a half decent discount
you could try contacting thorntons if you don't mind it being short dated - they are doing a big clearance sale at the moment...
or you could try Home Bargains / Wilkos /Poundland?
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yeah gp in the shop ask to speak to the manager arrange a deal
Thery are £1.14 i just got back from there
So... did you get some chocolate sorted out?
We're stocking up with the Quality Street boxes from Tesco/Sainsburys at £2.03 a box.
Bought around 60 so far and need to pick up another 40 or so...

Couldn't find the Guylian boxes in enough quantity and the Ferrero Rochers and other brands were not as cheap.

Thanks all
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