100 free KitKash points.... the first PM I get telling me which of these is the correct showing of the British flag:



    As I'm not collecting them (I don't eat enough KitKats), I thought I'd share the wealth with you guys. If I have any more of them, I'll post a simple question and someone will win the points.

    It's the first to my inbox guys.....GO!!


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    This one has now been won, the answer is A.

    lol moosey that was class

    Are you going to tell us why the answer is right though?

    The positions of the red lines in the 'X' in comparison to the white in the 'X'.

    The red X isn't symmetrical

    The white X is the cross of St. Andrew [Scotland], the red X is the cross of St.Patrick [Ireland] and is in that position [lower in the white X] because it was added after the St. Andrew's cross. It hangs with the broad white area of the white X against the flagpole [the pole would be on the left in A].

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    It's the position of the white lines thats important.

    I don't actually know why its like it is, sounds like Rayman knows though. I just know that so many people get it wrong. I'm instilling some culture into the group. I erm, forget to pick up a KitKat last night at work so none today.

    :s huh i mite be think but they look the same just switch arround
    i missed out on this one like ! would have liked the 100 points but i neva tend to read this part of the forum haha !

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    Todays 100 pointer....

    In which year did Queen frontman Freddie Mercury pass away?

    a) 1990

    b) 1991

    c) 1992

    Sadly, this great singer/songwriter passed away from AIDS young


    Original Poster

    It was indeed and has now been won.

    Try to PM me though as I tend to keep Outlook open more than I keep this site open (I know, shoot me)

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