£100 in paypal, what should i buy?

    something i dont need at all would be good, a complete luxury


    lets hav a quid mate

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    sorry i cant right now i forgot my password :whistling:

    I have a marker pen (used) and a very old 2-button mouse in my drawer at work. You could have them for £100. Bet you don't need them at all

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    :viking: i will buy it from somewhere else i think

    a few games perhaps

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    got gow2 wont need any games for a while, also looking to spend it on one thing

    A paper bag

    an mp3 player?
    a few items that are cheap and earn quidco for later?
    ebay, go to something random?
    Give me a tenner?

    If you wasn't such a tight **** you could've bought my Bill Bailey DVD last night

    Why not put it in your bank

    how about an Introduction to Gliding with an Aerotow
    looks fun

    lol :thumbsup:

    Hey cluffy did the case arrive ok?

    Hey, I can sell you something very good.PM ME

    with another 75 quid you can buy my wii bundle

    Follow this link and try a dab of this behind your ears - £100 should just about pay for it.…spx

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    i dont like any of these ideas, your not very good at this people, maybe i should buy a drums kit

    send to ya bank or by something you want, e.g cheap 360 on ebay


    what about looking for pc upgrade perhaps or games console? with discount codes pc world have xbox 360 down to 129 from what i seen on a advert in ther shop

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    might buy a quality pc actually

    be patient mate
    coz to me paypal money never seems like real money,so i spend it friviously
    i bet many people do
    if you got money going into it,be patient and get something good,or transfer it to 'real money'
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