100 MP3 players - quote?


    I am after 100 mp3 players 512-2gb and wondered where is best to order 100 from.



    i would check out some of the sellers for generic mp3 players on ebay, contact them and get a decent discount

    can get 512-1gb for around a tenner normal price, dunno what they will offer for 100 though

    i would say for £600, you'll be able to pick up 100 1gb mp3 players.

    Drop the guys at AdvancedMP3Players an email. They're a good bunch, and can probably sort you out with some sort of deal. Their prices are usually pretty good, although the main reason I suggest them is that as a small business staffed by actual people rather than nameless script-followers, they tend to be quite flexible. They run a stall at Ocean Terminal if you're in Edinburgh, so you can have a chat with them or pick the goods up in person, which is what I did when I had a bulk order of fairly obscure goods to buy.

    i saw these at the gadget show this year. come in various colours and someone from BP was very interested for the garages they have (as they are eye catching it seems)
    come with 2GB storage (but i think can take up to 32GB)
    perhaps they will do u a deal..who knows!

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    Cheers Guys
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